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What Is an Insurance Benefits Breakdown?

An insurance benefits breakdown provides you with a detailed report about a specific health insurance plan’s coverage and benefits. This breakdown is both easy-to-understand and informative. To provide our clients with the breakdown information, we have a streamlined process to help us be efficient and productive:

Breakdown preparation:

Our experienced team first logs in to your dental practice’s management software to collect patient data points and prepare benefits breakdown details.

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Data collection:

Next, we log in to an insurance portal so we can access further information and call the insurance company to ensure we have all the pertinent insurance information.

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Software update:

After we’ve collected all the information we need to compile an insurance benefits breakdown, we update your practice management software and output sheet. Following this step, your breakdown is ready for you to review and study.

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If you’d like help compiling and understanding your insurance benefits breakdown, let TCT help. We are experienced, thorough, and happy to help so that you can focus your time more fully on your dental practice.

How Can TCT Help My Practice?

The TCT team has ambitious goals to be a different kind of service provider for our clients. Our utmost priority is to provide the best service possible for our clients at the best cost possible. We understand that building and nurturing our client relationships is paramount to our success and as such, we strive to provide exceptional customer care.

If you’d like to learn more about our insurance benefits breakdown service, contact our staff today.

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