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Patient Eligibility Verification and Transcare Billing Process

Patient Eligibility Verification is a fundamental and the most important process in Transcare Billing process as it involves in Patient’s Dental benefits and Dental Insurance Verification in order to verify the patient’s benefits and eligibilities with the insurance companies either online using the company’s portal or by directly getting connected with their representatives over a call.

Eligibility Verification callers plays a crucial role in this process as they are the one who connects with the representatives of an insurance company on behalf of providers for accurate details about the patients. Dental Insurance and Patient Eligibility Verification needs more smartness to work with as if there is any problem or error there must be a quick action to get a solution and rectify it .

Transcare Billing process is the final process in Transcare Technology that deals with claims and is managing payments for patients by getting in contact with an insurance company. This proceeds by sending the completed treatment to an insurance company for reimbursement as per the patients Dental Benefits.

Reasons why Healthcare Providers end up with write-off rate

When the amount received for a claim is less than the contracted allowable amount and further the claim cannot be processed for the balance amount, in this situation Healthcare Providers call for write-off rate. Write-off rate is not a good sign for the Healthcare Providers as this lowers their revenue..

Write-off rate challenges the Healthcare Providers to maintain the patient's records accurately. Thus, the maintenance of the patient's records promotes clean claims. Clean claims and Write-off rates are inversely proportional to each other, when the rate of clean claims increases obviously this contributes to lesser the number of Write-off rates.

Clean claims can be achieved by the Eligibility Verification process. We Transcare Technology are ready to help you in the Eligibility Verification process through which the Healthcare Providers can reduce the Write-off rates and increase their revenue.

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