1. DNS must be configured on server

2. Web Server IIS role must be installed

Step 1 : Verifying DNS configuration:- Go to server manager --> Expand DNS tree --> RC on DNS Domain --> Launch NSLookup

   Here we can see the output of NSLookup that DNS is configured properly.

Step 2 : Adding Web Services Roles:- RC Roles on server manager --> Add Roles

Step 3 : You will be able to see the welcome wizard "Before You Begin" --> Click on Next

Step 4: Select the "Web Server (IIS)" role --> Click on Next --> Click on Next

Step 5: Next Window will turn up with default configuration --> Click on Next (Don't change the configuration ) --> Click on Install

   Installation wizard will pop up and Roles will get installed

Step 6: Creating folder and an HTML file in it:- RC on any drive --> New Folder --> Name it

Inside folder create one text file --> insert any HTML code --> save the text file as HTML file (i.e. ".html")

Step 7: • Start --> Administrative Tools --> IIS

Step 8: Inside IIS Manager --> Expand Domain --> RC on Sites --> Add web Site

Step 9: Enter Site Name --> Browse a physical path of folder where .html file is located --> Give IP address of server --> Give Port no. --> Click on OK

Step 10: • Go to IIS Manager --> Click on created web-site --> Click Browse web site link under Browse Web Site on right hand panel.

To Check on client side

Login as any user on client side within a same domain as server

Open Internet Browser --> enter the URL and port number of server in format -(i.e.

You can see the same output that you saw on server (Client Side)