How To Secure Your Network

Wireless networking has made it so easy for everyone to access internet on computer, mobiles, tablets and other wireless devices anywhere in the house or enterprise without the mess with cables.

•   It is extremely difficult to steal bandwidth with wired networks where as it is very easy to access internet with wireless signals even while they are in the neighborhood.

•   It is easy to make the internet connection secure which will prevent others from stealing bandwidth and also prevents hackers to take control of our accounts through wireless network.

Few simple steps to follow which will make our internet connection secure:

1.Need to keep the computer up to date by installing necessary updates, updating OS and by upgrading the hardware.

2.Need to use firewall which prevents unauthorized users to access private networks connected to internet.

3.Anti-virus software has to be installed and run on each and every computer in order to make the internet connection secure.

4.Wireless router has to be setup to share internet connection. Once the setup is done, you need to open router settings page by typing in “” into the web browser and then enter the correct username and password for the router. The default credentials are generally admin/password.

  •  Once logged into the router, a unique and secure password has to be created by changing the default password to something more secure which prevents others from accessing the router.

5.Need to change the network SSID’s name. It is usually pre-defined as “default” or is set to the brand name of the router. This setting is usually under the wireless settings in the router settings page. By doing so, we can make sure that we are always connecting to the correct wireless network even when there are multiple wireless networks in our area. Do not use personal information in the SSID name.

6.Need to encrypt wireless signals in order to prevent other computers from using your internet connection. Wireless encryption methods are WEP, WAP and WAP2. WEP is basic, so less secure and very easy to crack but it is compatible with older hardware as well. WAP2 is the most secure but only compatible with the hardware manufactured since 2006.

  •  To enable network encryption, open wireless security settings on router’s configuration page which lets to select the security method we wish to choose. Older devices need to go with WEP, else go with WAP2. Make sure to set a passphrase that would be very hard for others to guess.

7.MAC address filtering needs to be enabled for extra protection. Each and every wireless device will be having a unique MAC address. We can add the MAC addresses of all the devices to the MAC address filtering in routers administrative settings, so that only the specified devices can connect to the wireless network.

8.Make sure that router is running the latest firmware.

Final conclusion: The best probable way of securing the wireless network is MAC address filtering with WAP2 encryption.