These roles are flexible .That means we can change these roles to some other location and it also help the domain controller to decrease its roles and improve efficiency. Normally we change the roles from a domain controller to its additional domain controller. Hence that some roles are given to the ADC and the work load of domain controller also decreased.

There are 5 FSMO roles,

1) Schema master

2) Domain naming master

3) PDC

4) RID pool manager

5) Infrastructure master


1. A domain controller (DC)

2. Additional domain controller (ADC)

How to change some role from DC to ADC.

Step 1 : cmd>> netdom query fsmo

To change role we use NTDSUTIL command

Step 2 : cmd>> NTDSUTIL

Step 3 : cmd>>HELP

Step 4:cmd>>ROLE

For changing a role from one server to other we should be able to establish a connection between them. Hence we use connection command.

Step 5:Cmd>>connections

Enter the name of the server (ADC)

Step 6:cmd>>connect to server ADC

Connection established between DC and ADC. Hence we can change roles from DC to ADC. Before that we need to quit from current process.

Step 7:cmd>>quit

Now we can enter the role name which we have to change. Here I choose transfer infrastructure master

Step 8: cmd>>transfer infrastructure master

Step 9:click on ‘Yes’

Now the role is changed to ADC.

Step 10:Verify using cmd>>netdom query fsmo

Here we can see the position of role infrastructure master is in ADC.

Step 11:Verify in ADC cmd>>netdom query fsmo