File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


   • Create a folder and share it.

   • Place files inside the folder.

Step 1: In Server machine, Go to Server manager --> Roles --> Add Roles

Step 2: Click Next --> Check Web Server (IIS) --> Click Next .

Step 3: Check FTP Server --> Click Next --> Click Install

Step 4: After installation, Start --> Administrative Tools --> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Step 5: Expand the left panel

Step 6: Right click on Sites --> Choose 'Add FTP Site'

Step 7: Provide FTP site name and provide shared folder path in physical path field.

Step 8: Choose server IP address from dropdown; Choose 'No SSL' option --> Click Next

Step 9: Check Anonymous and Basic --> Choose 'All users' for Allow access to field --> Check Read and Write under permissions --> Click Finish

Step 10: Go to Client machine, Open command prompt using cmd command in Run; type 'ftp IPADDRESS' (eg: ftp

Step 11: Provide username and password --> FTP connection is established

Step 12: type 'help' command to get the list of commands available under FTP