Transcare Technology specializes in providing business and technology solutions geared primarily towards small businesses. “Hire us as your CIO”, our team will take care of all your current and future IT needs.

Our services are designed to free you from the costs and problems of managing business processes, systems and personnel overheads, allowing you to focus on your customers and business.

Transcare’s commitment for its customers is that we will be accountable, cost-effective and provide a “Stress-Free” partnership.



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Security Focused

We take extreme care to ensure all of people, processes and products align to best security protocols rendering quality services to our customers.

Customer Focused

Caring for one another is one of our company’s values. We are committed to solving your problems and helping each of our customers to be successful.

Our People

We have an amazing staff, an exclusive team of professionals with strong experience and expertise. We have been in the business for over 10 years now and we have resources that have over 20 years of experiences in the industry.

Seamless Delivery

We are in the US and India to ensure timely support during US hours. We follow clearly defined process to ensure seamless delivery.

Industry Updates

We keep our focus on the industry standards and best practices in whatever we provide and support.

Highly competitive

Most cost effective service. Highly competitive in market, most of our customers report at an average 30% savings by using our service.